The Multi Media Resource Center serves all the churches, pastors, and congregations in the Presbyteries of Huntingdon and Northumberland. The Resource Center is a lending library that offers books, video tapes, video series kits, and audio cassette tapes to anyone belonging to one of the churches in the Presbytery of Huntingdon or the Presbytery of Northumberland.

Mission statement:
The goals of the Multi-Media Resource Center are to make sure that all the churches and congregations of the Presbyteries of Huntingdon and Northumberland know that we are here to serve them in providing resources that will deepen and enhance their biblical knowledge, provide resources for pastors and leaders to enable them to carry out their tasks of ministry. It is the goal of the Resource Center to provide these resources as conveniently as possible to its borrowers, by using current and cutting edge technology that is also cost effective and efficient. 

Still working together:          
As you may already know, the Resource Center was shared by the Presbytery of Huntingdon and the Presbytery of Northumberland and housed in the Bellefonte Presbyterian Church.  In the spring of 2004, the decision was made that the two
Presbyteries should divide and form their own separate Resource Centers.  In September of 2004 the amicable division was completed with Huntingdon's resource center moving into the Presbytery office in Bellwood and with Northumberland's moving into their Presbytery office in Montoursville.  In July of 2013 all of the resources were once again combined and moved to Huntingdon Presbytery's new office in Tyrone. The online data base includes the combined items from both resource centers for use by both presbyteries.